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Built For Sin

Built For Sin

SKU: BFS-PB1-SC-2024


I’ve met the world’s grumpiest man, but I can’t deny the effect he has on my body.

And now I have to work with him.

He’s everywhere. And the more I see him, the more my treacherous body reacts.

When he offers to be my friend with benefits, I can’t seem to say no.

But it doesn’t take long for my heart to demand more.

He let me see behind his hard faced business persona, but it didn’t take long for him to put the walls back up.

Leaving me heartbroken.

And no matter how hard I throw myself into work, I can’t shake the lasting impression Mr. Scowly had on my body and on my heart.



I don’t do relationships. I do one night or short term, and I never let my heart get involved.

And it worked well. Until her.

Fiery, strong, determined, independent. Someone to stand toe to toe with me and meet me head on.

Her personality, as well her body, makes me hard, which might be a problem now we work together.

When the tension between us becomes too much, I offer her a solution that I think will douse the flames she ignites.

But they burn stronger, so I run.

Now I’m alone, but she haunts my dreams and I can’t seem to fill the gaping hole she’s left, but I’m not sure she’ll ever forgive me for taking the coward's way out.

  • Paperback - 5" x 8" Matte Cover


  • SHIPPING INFO - Australian residents ONLY

    Due the expensive cost of interational postage from Australia, we are only able to process orders that will be delivered within Australia.

  • Signed Copy - Australia Only


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