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Built for Pleasure

Built for Pleasure

SKU: BFP-PB1-SC-2024

When I met Ethan Wiggins, he turned my life upside down. A billionaire playboy who is vastly different from my ex.

He is gorgeous, interesting, considerate, funny and charming, so what does he see in me?  Can I trust him? Should I risk my traumatized heart again?


Emily intrigues me. Strong and resilient yet fragile and caring, genuine yet reserved and cautious, sexy yet understated. The attraction is strong, I want more of her, but I don’t do relationships, so I run scared.

Then, when she’s in trouble I offer to help. Why do I feel so protective of her? Why do I feel so jealous of her male friend?   How can I make her mine?


  • Paperback - 5" x 8" Matte Cover

  • SHIPPING INFO - Australian residents ONLY

    Due the expensive cost of interational postage from Australia, we are only able to process orders that will be delivered within Australia.

  • Signed Copy - Australia Only


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